Artwork and Streetscape

JVH Technology works with community organisations and local government to design, fabricate and install major artwork and streetscape projects.

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Lipson Street Upgrade and ‘Heave & Haul’

JVH Technology had the privilege of conducting work on a streetscape upgrade in Lipson Street, Port Adelaide. This involved the installation of a shelter constructed using recycled jarrah timber which was refurbished by JVH. The project also included the installation of hardwood bollards, seating and stainless steel fixtures.  The extent of these works required the use of, stainless steel, galvanised and aluminium components.

The extent of works required significant design input into the structures along the street, including; the use of composite materials, re-use of re-purposed materials and marine- grade construction application. This required the use of asset life-cycle management with regards to the feasibility of re-purposing materials and the incorporation of retro-fitting components where possible.

JVH was also tasked with installing the “Block and Tackle” structure requiring hoisting and anchoring into a structural footing. Hoisting required careful consideration to prevent damage or buckling to the structure. Chemical anchoring was undertaken to ensure structural adequacy.

Hampstead RSL – Memorial Shelter

During March and April 2019, JVH Technology conducted the supply & installation of the  “ANZAC Shelter” at the Hampstead RSL on Bennet Reserve. The scope of works required the structural design accounting for Live & Dead loads on the structure.

Associated works included with the construction of the shelter included the fabrication and installation of the Rising Sun Badge(see below).  Additionally, stormwater and electrical works were required when completing the project.

– Structural integrity guaranteed for 20 years following construction.

– Design followed and implemented through construction in accordance with relevant Australian Standards.

JVH Technology also supplied and installed the artwork designed in accordance with the Australian Army ‘Rising Sun Badge’. Designed accounting for fixing methods and loading implicated on shelter structure. Designed for construction with  aluminium plate.  Aluminium plate anodised, primed and powder-coated gold.

Semaphore Foreshore

During 2019/20, JVH successfully completed the refurbishment of the existing infrastructure on the Semaphore Foreshore.

The project required significant Work Health Safety, Environmental & Quality consideration to be taken in order to achieve outcomes displayed below. 

Blair Athol Futsal

JVH Technology was contracted to conduct works on Blair Athol reserve to upgrade the existing multi-use sporting courts to facilitate Futsal and Netball competitions.  This involved the supply & installation of new wire mesh (PVC) fencing at 2700 mm with top & bottom railing. The project also involved and incorporated the following:

Demolition of existing aspects.
Refurbishment of existing components
Installation of new fencing
Installation of pedestrian gates, double access gates and a security enclosure.
10 year structural warranty was provided

Exchange Place – Planter Domes

As a part of a special landscape construction project for the Adelaide City Council, JVH Technology was tasked with manufacturing and installing domed plant stands for plant growth.

This involved extensive workshop pre-fabrication works to ensure structural adequacy, practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Prospect Road – Spiral Structures

The Sculptures (street art) installed on the corner of Prospect Road and Grand Junction Road, incorporated specifications regarding extensive footing design and construction by JVH technology. The sculptures were required to be hoisted into position and chemically anchored.

In addition JVH installed the energy absorbing bollards located on the corner of Prospect road.

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